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Released Apr 2008. 7MP camera with 3X Optical Zoom.

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Screen black with low image

In my Kodak I can see the backlight turned on but the image on the screen is very low, when turned on it shows a little and as the second goes the image gets dimmer and dimmer. The camera seems to work fine with the other functions. What could be the problem? It has fallen on the floor several times... :-(

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@mrcroket if the camera functions without difficulty otherwise, the best start would be to replace the LCD. It is possible that the backlight on the LCD is no longer functioning properly. This only other thing would be an issue with the DC-DC board. Start with the easier fix which is the LCD and then re-evaluate.

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I have disassembled the housing, lifted the LCD and can see the backlight. The camera focuses, shoots, flash works but everything on the screen is fading until only the backlight is visible, any image on the screen is very very dim.


@mrcroket the dim images would be from a bad backlight. If the backlight stays on and is fully functioning, then it would be a grey (or white) screen just no image. Which could be a bad LCD display or bad main board. Replace the LCD to rule it out.


There is a small LED lit inside the screen, the image is black but with bright edges although the images that appear (menus, etc.) are not very perceptible. I will try to start with a screen replacement, it will depend on the cost involved. I take this opportunity to thank you for your time in answering and providing suggestions.

Thank you very much!!!


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