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Why is the temperature in my fridge freezer fluctuating?

My fridge freezer started playing up a few weeks ago and and I noticed the fridge was loosing it's chill. Initially I thought it was completely broken, but it does seem to be working, but as soon as it reaches it's optimal temperature, it starts rising up to 20C in the the fridge and around 0C in the freezer before starting to cool again.

I have had a thermometer in both the fridge and the freezer to monitor the temperatures - images attached.

Is this something that can be fixed reasonably easily or do I need to replace it?


Block Image


Block Image

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Hi @adamdove

If the compressor motor running continually trying to keep the refrigerator cool or is it stopping occasionally for a short while and then starting again i.e. <10 minutes?

There definitely seems to be an issue with the temperature control in the refrigerator and freezer.

It appears that instead of maintaining the temps around -18°C (freezer) and 4°C (refrigerator) as most refrigerators do (your freezer gets very cold at -30°C), by the compressor cycling on and off as required, and then having the temps rise when a defrost cycle occurs (due to the compressor being stopped and the defrost heater being turned on) it appears that it is not cooling at all after a defrost cycle has ended, the compressor has been turned back on again to get to the required temperatures, which once achieved it is then turned off and the next defrost cycle occurs.

It appears that your model has an adaptive defrost cycle in that rather than the cycle occurring in a regular time frame e.g. every 10 hours it looks like it is done on accumulated compressor run time e.g. if the accumulated time was say 10 hours then it might take more than a straight 10 hours to achieve this as it depends on how often the compressor is running and for how long each time i.e. usually it runs less often and for shorter time intervals overnight than during the day as the ambient temp is cooler and the doors aren't opened as often letting in the warmer outside air which has to be cooled down.

The defrost cycle time appears to be OK at ~25 minutes.

Unfortunately I cannot find a service manual for your model so that the diagnostic tests could be conducted to find out exactly what's wrong.

But it seems that it may be a control board issue, but this is just a guess.

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Hi @jayeff, Thanks for the answer. The compressor does seem to be stopped for entire time that the temperature is rising and then on again for the entire cool down.

It is probably time for a new one.



I can't find any spare parts diagram for your model series (there seems to be several variants), but it seems like it is either a problem with the control board or the temp sensors.

Online a control board is ~£110 but this isn't to say that it is the problem.

Maybe if you decide to try replacing it you can find a supplier that offers refunds minus a small restocking fee so as to minimize the cost in case it isn't the problem.


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