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The Samsung RF30KMEDB is a 30 cu. ft. French Door refrigerator with a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, featuring an external ice and water dispenser, Twin Cooling Plus® system, LED lighting, and storage options such as two humidity-controlled crispers and gallon door bins.

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Ice maker line leaks on back of unit at insert

Hello Samsung RF30BB662QLAA. Installed about a year ago, now water leaks from grey water line at insert in back of unit. It looks like the line possibly backed out of the connection a bit, seems to drip just a freckle now after ice maker fills. Can I pull that black assembly area out of the unit and inspect further? This leak starts on the upper R Hand corner of the unit.

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The line it's self may have backed out and or could be cracked. I suggest turning the water off to the Ice maker and do a visual inspection. It could be just a bad seal or O ring at that connection.

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