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The Dell Inspiron 14 5405 is a thin and light Laptop available with both AMD and Intel CPUs. It features both USB Type C as well as two Type A and an HDMI port.

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Stuck touchpad after SSD transplant

Good morning friendly internet strangers. Last night I performed a standard SSD clone and swap in an Inspiron 5405.. alas I put the laptop back together and while Windows boots up as it should, I clicked on the trackpad and now it’s permanently stuck in. It did happen briefly while the bottom was off, but it unstuck by flexing the laptop chassis from a couple of specific areas to get it to unstick.

Is this a known kerfuffle? I can’t find anything about this issue. It’s worth noting that I have, a couple of times, encountered this sticking before opening it up, but after opening it up the trackpad will not unstick, and as such is permanently clicked down.

Worth noting this isn’t my laptop, it’s my girlfriend's and while she never experienced this it always happened to me whenever I used it.

The weird part that strikes me is the fact that the disassembly has nothing to do with the touchpad, so in theory, it shouldn’t be affected as the back cover just pops off after a few screws.

Thanks in advance

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I'd be willing to bet the bottom cover isn't clipped in near the trackpad. I know on the Acer C732 laptops if the bottom cover isn't clipped in all the way then the trackpad won't work as expected. Make sure the bottom cover is clipped in, otherwise, I'd open the laptop back up and make sure that the screws holding the trackpad in place aren't loose.

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Please forgive me if I’m being ignorant, but would this still apply even if I haven’t gone near the trackpad when disassembling? Mayhaps I was a bit hopeful i wouldn’t have to go there as it requires removing the battery but i guess ill give it a go, thank you!


@m1ghty_boy I'd just try to make sure that the bottom cover is clipped in all the way before making any significant repairs.


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