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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Seven of the 26 buttons on the touch panel don't work - in no pattern

7 touch buttons don't work, in no apparent pattern. Five of the buttons are in the numeric pad (2, 3, 7, 8, & 9). Biggest problem is that the "Start/Pause" button does not work. The microwave still will power on using the "1" button or the "add 30 sec" button. Can this be repaired or the touch panel be replaced?

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Hey Doug,

The panel touch panel on the microwave is easy to diagnose, if you pop the front panel at the top off and then remove the touch panel assembly you will see a ribbon cable that runs from the keypad and is placed into a board connector. In the past I have simply removed the ribbon cable cleaned the copper ends with alcohol and a paper towel placed it back in the connector and the problem resolved.

Make sure you unplug the device before attempting to service it, There should be a little clip on the ribbon cable connector that you flip up to remove the cable. clean it then make sure you place the cable back in fully seated and clip it back. Reassemble and test.

While you have it open on the front if you notice anything else post me a picture.



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This sounds great and I understand cleaning the ribbon cable but "pop the front panel at the top off" has got me scratching my head. Just the panel around the touch panel, or the entire microwave front panel? I got the top of the touch panel pulled out about 3/16" but then the microwave frame starts to come out. Used heavy duty putty knife and automobile non-mar pry tools. Any chance you would have an exploded diagram of what I am trying to pry off?




Search for the oven's model number on places such as here or here to view parts diagrams for the model.


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