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Modell A1418 / Ende 2013 / 2,7 & 2,9 GHz Core i5 oder 3,1 GHz Core i7 Prozessor

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How to confirm it is logic board of PSU issue?

My iMac doesn't turn on at all, did the followings:

  1. removed the screen panel completely.
  2. Get power cable connected.
  3. No diagnostic indicators on logic board is light up.

Is there a way to detect if something wrong with the PSU or logic board in this case?


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The first LED light indicates power is getting to the system so you need to trace the AC power coming from the outlet to the system to make sure you even have power. Then internally from the socket to the power supply. I’ve needed to replace the socket a few times so don’t jump over this step.

If AC power is getting to the power supply then it’s likely it’s blown.

Now to really fix the root issue is solving the AC power service! Half the time is a bad or missing ground path starting at the outlet use an outlet checker to test your rooms outlets even if the outlet is three pronged the feed wires maybe mis-wired or not present. Next go to the breaker panel there should be a ground connection to a metal water pipe or one or more grounding rods in the damp soil. Make sure the ground wire is still good and the connections are good.

The last step is using a good surge suppressor and don’t double plug your devices to different legs of your buildings power feed. Use a single power strip or outlet and if you have lots of lightning in your area use isolators on your phone, cable or exposed network cables.

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@danj - Thanks Dan, will try to do the track per your guidance, and let you know the outcome.


@danj - Hi Dan, here is the update. It ended up with the bad logic board, not sure which component is bad on this board though, any thoughts? Anyway, will purchase a working one over eBay and have it fixed then.

Thanks for your help.


@lovecd - Likely a power surge or lightning hit. Review your AC Power service making sure you have a proper ground connection at the breaker and the given outlet is fully wired (often I hear the outlet was missing the ground connection). Even still make sure you have a good surge protector and the data lines going to your system are protected. As the surge could come in via one of them.


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