Strange green w150 chip on motherboard, is it enterprise enrollment?

Hp Chromebook 11 g5 ee

I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can possibly think of to remove enterprise enrollment from this Chromebook which ended up with the school locking the device down. (It immediately shows “device has been locked by administration” when it goes through device configuration now) They had Developer mode blocked, and it re-enrolled back into enterprise enrollment each time it went through device configuration after I did the whole ESC+REFRESH+POWER & CTRL+D process to try and bypass the admin block, which I read that it means that they have a legitimate chip of some sort on the motherboard that keeps it connected to the schools system and allows them to have complete control over the device itself. The ONLY thing I have found that looks out of place is this green w150 chip, it’s soldering is NOT factory and I can’t find any information at all about the chip when I look it up. Is this the enterprise enrollment chip that is allowing the school to keep me out of the Chromebook? If so..can I remove it without messing up the motherboard, and how would I go about doing it? :)

Block Image

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