Sensors and vibration not working

My phone cut out at around 60% battery which was odd. When trying to turn it on it said 0% with the connect charger icon. Upon inspection the lenses had misted up. Being a former repair technician (its been about 7 years since I did a phone repair but I still know the universals) I knew I somehow managed to get water into my (supposedly waterproof) S21 Ultra, A literal drop was all I found upon opening it. I disassembled it following the guide and cleaned out the drop of water. Thoroughly checked the mobo and allowed everything to dry just in case anything had got under the battery. Reassembled and powered on and all seemed to be working normally except screen rotation. Downloaded the self repair app and diagnostics show sensor error and vibration error. Reflashed using odin and official firmware keeping apps and settings in place but its still not working. I couldn't see any obvious damage or corrosion inside.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

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