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A 32" Roku TV released by TCL in 2018.

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TV twitching and double image

My TCL 65” tv starts twitching and double image after a few minutes of warming up. I replaced the t-con board but no improvement. Any suggestions what else can I do?

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@jacs46856 since you already replaced the T-con board which would be the primary suspect, the next are your LCD driver boards. Those are the boards that the ribbon cables from the T-con board connect to. In your TV's case there might be two of those (some may have four) but we would need to see those. Power your TV off, disconnect the power cable. Then remove the ribbon cable from one driver board. Plug your TV back in and try it. One half of the screen will not worki but let us know about the one that shows. Let us know if there is any change. Next try the same thing with the other side.

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