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How to remove hard drive

My pc has crashed and dell has said it was a memory issue. i want to remove hard drive and find a hard drive enclosure to retrieve data. I need to know how to remove hard drive from Inspiron 5402

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@cfstout you will have to double check if your computer even has a HDD. It may actually have an SSD. Yes, enclosures are available for those. Use the Dell Inspiron 14 5402 Service Manual to check the drives and how to remove them.

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Yeah, these are M.2 only; Dell dropped the 2nd HD when NVMe became cheap and put bigger batteries in. It's been the norm on their laptops since Intel 8th gen on the 14" machines. Some 15" machines have it like the gaming laptops, but the standard laptops like the i14 from 2017/18 are M.2 only.

The issue is KNOWING WHAT it shipped with. You can't use AHCI SSDs in NVMe only enclosures, but you can use them in dual-personality enclosures. Otherwise, an AHCI enclosure is needed. If it's thin, M.2 only. You need at least a 8mm chassis to comfortably do both, so Dell dropped it to reduce the thickness.


@nick and that is why the OP needs to check the drives. Hence the manual and then let's see what it is :-)


@oldturkey03 I can usually tell from the profile of it, but I'm aware of what gives away an "M.2 only" Dell vs a dual drive capable model. I would still want to open the laptop to be absolute unless I can tell by the drive models.


@nick correct! If the OP wants to use the drive in an external enclosure, the first step would be to identify what drive the OP is dealing with.


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