I noticed something with a new screen replacement

Got my replacement s21 ultra screen and back glass. I noticed the new battery was not 5000mah, but was labeled 4850 where as the OEM battery is 5000mah. Also, the new screen looks like it has some sort of screen protector on it. I cannot find any mention of that in the site listing. Has anyone else noticed these two things? Is it normal?

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I should note, everything went together smoothly, reset battery count and have been using it all day during this first charge cycle. Really im just curious about the film that looks like its a screen protector.


@johnroland Did you buy your parts from iFixit? If so, you might want to go ahead and contact the people who would really know, the iFixit Store personnel. Best way is to email them at support@ifixit.com.


yeah, it was ifixit. i saw on the site where it said they dont really offer support and to post questions on here. ill shoot them an email


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