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The 7th generation Honda Accord

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Why do I have constant power to my windows?s

A few months ago I replaced the motor in the window. And the other day not paying attention, by habit, I went to put up the window the door was open and the key was out and the window worked. There is constant power to the windows. I ordered a new one to see if there's a difference but I can't find any solutions other than may be electrical. My battery isn't draining. However the battery was replaced around the time I changed the motor. You'd think it would be dead by now.

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So... I bought a used window switch and just replaced it... problem solved. Thank you so much for your help!!

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@christinabarcia just because there is constant power on our windows, does not mean it would drain the battery. It would only do that if the power is being used. This is okay from a power consumption, battery perspective. Some vehicles allow the windows to be closed even without the key in the ignition etc. Try to move them down like that. Let us know what you find out.

Let us know the exact year and model of your Accord.

Update (01/26/24)

@christinabarcia try to reset the power windows:

1. Turn the ignition switch ON (II).
2. Move the driver's window all the way down by using the driver's window DOWN switch.
3. Open the driver's door.

NOTE: steps 4 - 7 must be done within 5 seconds of each other.

4. Turn the ignition switch OFF.
5. Push and hold the driver's window DOWN switch.
6. Turn the ignition switch ON (II).
7. Release the driver's window DOWN switch.
8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 three more times.
9. Wait 1 second.
10. Confirm that AUTO UP and AUTO DOWN do not work. If AUTO UP and DOWN work, go back to step 1.
11. Move the driver's window all the way down by holding the driver's window DOWN switch to the AUTO DOWN position.
12. Pull up and hold the driver's window UP switch to the AUTO UP position until the window reaches the fully closed position, then continue to hold the switch for 1 second.
13. Confirm that the power window master switch is reset by using the driver's window AUTO UP and DOWN function.

Here is the wiring diagram for the power windows. It looks like a bad relay (always on) could be an issue as well.

Block Image

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07 honda accord ex 4 cyl.

Normally power to the window stops after 10 minutes of shutting off the car or after opening the door. I can lock the car and come back in the morning, unlock the door and open and close the windows without putting the key in the ignition.


@christinabarcia okay, it should not open without the key being turned on. Does anything else do this? Have you noticed any other power issues? I am looking for anything that works (but shouldn't ) without the key being on. If so, that would lead me to somewhere in the ignition lock circuit.


No. That seems to be the only thing.


@christinabarcia besides a reset, you could consider replacing the power window relay. If it is stuck in the closed circuit position it could provide a power path to your switches without going through the ignition lock.


Thank you so much for that suggestion. I'm going to try the relay. I have already tried the reset but it didn't change anything. I do have another window motor on the way in case it had something to do with the one I replaced. I have no idea how long it's had power like that since I just noticed it the other day. So the relay will be my next step.


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