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Repair and disassembly guides for projectors.

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Repair/service guide for a Panasonic PT-L500U projector?

My Panasonic PT-L500U projector won't turn on unless you hold he cord in a specific position. I have replaced the power cord and the problem persists, I'm assuming there is something wrong with the "AC in" socket. It could be a wobbly pin or maybe something just inside, but it's definitely affected by the position of the power cord.

I'm no engineer, but I'm decent with electronics and have a feeling I may be able to repair the AC input if I can get my hands on an official Panasonic service guide or something like that. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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You can download it from from here. but I can only share for a limited time;)


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David Kreitter, looks like you will need the Panasonic part K2AH3B000020 (number 2 on the diagram) which is mounted on the K-P.C board. cost for that is around $3.00. Not a terrible complicated job and I am certain you will get it done pretty quick.

Block Image

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Thank you, good sir!


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