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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Is the inverter cable?

Hallo, I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm from Milan, Italy.

I have an iBook 12" 600 MHz (late 2001). Now, 1 minute after the start, the screen is OK, but suddenly faints and many vertical stripes red and green appear, the trackpad doesn't run and everything stops.

What is the part I have to replace? I hope to get my iBook a new life, if possible. If you want, I can send images of the screen. Thanks a lot for your reply.

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this solution applies pressure to the chip, discussion about reflow/solder and a few other ideas on fixes. The only true repair is a reball, but these others will give you your ibook back. Worked for me!

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luciano try holding the case on the left of the mousepad..if you squeeze gently does the picture go back to normal? then it's the graphic chip(you are squeezing it back onto it's connections). Depending how skilled/confident you are there are quite a few tricks out there for fixing it. This iBook is not the easiest to take apart, but it could be solved for little or no money if you can solder/reflow or if you make something that replicates the pressure you have applied to the chip. I will put some links in for you ASAP.


Thanks Pollytintop, I tried -as you suggested- to squeeze gently, but without success. My iBook starts regularly, I can login, the screen appears well with each icon of the apps, and suddenly it becomes fade with only many vertical stripes and no functions are working.

If is the logic board, how is it possible that the iBook starts?


just as a side question how is the charger/battery. I have had a similar thing happen when the battery was low/charger was on the way out but it was more a screen freeze then black display even though the lights at front were on. Try pushing upwards from the bottom of the ibook not from the top to test the graphics.


The battery is full of charge. I'm becoming mad. I have some doubts about the efficiency of Apple: they said : it is the logic board, but we have no more parts of this old product! OLD PRODUCT? It has only 10 years. I think they are mad.


I agree, apple is crackers. Have you tried connecting the laptop to an external monitor? If you have the same stripes etc on there then we know it's a graphics problem.


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It is probably the video chip or processor. Unfortunately, the best fix is a logic board replacement, as both are soldered to it.

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Thank you Bernie. But my iBook sometimes works perfectly. 5 days ago it worked well the entire day long. So, sometimes it works only 2 minutes and then the stripes appear. Are you sure that is the logic board? How is it possible that sometimes it runs well?

Thank you.


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