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Screen protector with no manual

How can I put on a new screen protector that doesn't have a manual?

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Hi @jackwillia24725,

Here are some videos that show how to do it, which may help.

video 1 video 2

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There are a few different types of items, so it depends on which one you have.

BUT to start, preparations are important to get it installed without particles under it.

My recomendation is to do it in the bathroom right after you have taken a shower.

And you have cleaned the surface you are going to do it on.

The humidity from the shower will remove particle floating around in the air.

If you have the UV glue type, there is a video for them. Those are some tempered glass and ceramic types.

There is one that has a positioner that plugs into the USB port. It took me a while to figure out what that was for.

There are some that are self stick and just need to be positioned properly.

All have a film on each side. Remove the #1 tabbed film to place it.

AFTER squeegeeing it and getting the air out, remove the #2 film.

The key is cleanliness.

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