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Released in 2017, the Dell Inspiron 5570 is a 15-inch laptop with an Intel processor inside paired with a discrete AMD graphics card. It is also referred to as the "Inspiron 15 5570."

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Laptop won’t start up

I encountered a problem a while ago on this laptop and didn’t need it at the time so never got round to dealing with the issues. Recently I’ve tried to get it back working and read a few forums etc and got some answers which today temporarily fixed the laptop. However now I’m back to the same issue. 

issue as below.

Dell inspiron 5570 black screen, won’t turn on, when press power button, the LED on the cap lock button turns white briefly then goes off and nothing further happens.

I changed the charger port and the CMOS battery earlier due to this problem, it booted back up fine and turned on, set the BIOS and was working fine, I’ve let it update as it’s been off for a while. And then upon restart it’s back to a black screen. And there’s only the brief white LED on the cap lock button when press power button.

unsure what it means as when I’ve looked up different led codes it sands amber then white but I’m only getting white. When I press and hold the power button for around 1 minute the LED at the side of the ac port flashes twice, pauses, flashes 4 times, pauses then 1 longer flash.

I have tried repeating what I initially did to fix it but no joy!

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have you cleaned it I know that it sound's stupid but it sometimes works and it never does any harm and it's free


Thanks for the reply, do you mean cleaned the whole inside of the laptop?

No dust or anything inside, just find it bizarre how it’s not worked and I didn’t try fixing it till now, been about 1 year since. I searched some forums etc and that’s where I got the idea of changing the coin battery and the charger port, it booted straight up for the first time when I changed these, set the BIOS etc, loaded in safe mode and got access to everything. Checked windows update and there was the latest one queuing from just before it was last switched on ( not connected to wifi ) so it didn’t try finding any newer ones. Once this updated it restarted and it’s back to where I started with the initial problem!


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All right, It would help to know what you already did that worked temporarily, but the codes you describe indicate a problem with the BIOS/Power/Memory you say it was unused for a time, I would not expect your CMOS Battery to be dead after only seven years, but it is a possibility so if the fix works but it repeats, you may need to replace that battery. First. though, go to Dell's webpage (link below) and the simplest thing is to just watch the video on how to fix POST errors. Or you can read the information there that tells you in greater depth but the video does an excellent job of putting it in a nice capsule format. Going by the error codes I'd also try re-seating the memory if the problem persists (just make sure the memory is properly seated and run a memory test if you get the BIOS working to see if it's a problem) Did you replace the Laptop Battery as well. since it had been stored? Anyway try that, if no joy, let us know and explain what you did that worked too so we can try again, Okay? Here's the link:


Good Luck!

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I see you did replace the CMOS battery already, I didn't see your reply above to Thomas until I was finished typing my answer. Again, let us know if the problem remains or click solved if it goes well. Do check the memory as well. Edit: Reading what I wrote it may seem I'm telling you to replace the laptop battery, I'm not, just if it were dead and the CMOS too the problem WOULD recur when not plugged in.


-The laptop worked fine, then the next day wouldn’t turn on. (X1 led) flash once on side next to ac port, cap lock led on then goes out.this was at the end of 2022.

At the time I didn’t need the laptop so didn’t try looking into it further.

Recently tried to get it working.

- press power on, x1 led flash on side of laptop and cap lock led comes on then goes off, fans not starting etc.

-opened up laptop, replaced the charger port to rule this out and changed the coin cell battery. Powered on, loaded up fine, booted it in safe mode, bios set and let it start its windows update.

-updated then on reset back to the same problem as in the beginning.

-tried unplugging and reseating the same components, made no difference. Tried the full drain down of residual power and no difference, removed and reseated the RAM and tried the other slot, this made no difference.

-in addition when I got it to turn on before it reocccured the battery health was excellent and held charge before the update started.

& Watched the video


Got it, I'll keep researching it, or perhaps someone else will have an idea.


Can you get it to run the pre-boot diagnostics? I suspect you can't since the instructions say to implement the commands when you see the Dell logo appear and, if I understand correctly you aren't getting that far in the boot process or am I wrong? If you CAN access your BIOS then you need to run setup in BIOS to fully fix the problem and allow it to boot AFTER you've corrected the BIOS error, or it will fail to boot to try anyway: Turn on your computer. (I'd try this even if you don't see the logo just in case it might work.)

At the Dell logo, press the F12 key several times until the One Time Boot Menu appears.

On the boot menu screen, select the Diagnostics option.

Dell's webpage that tells you how to run and interpret the findings (if it works): https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us... ...still looking for other possibilities.


I forgot to mention this as well to try: Reset the RTC: https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us...


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