I am unable to get my DreamTab past the Character boot screen

I have the Nabi Dreamtab Model B: Version KOT49H: Android 4.4. I got it in late 2015. It worked WONDERFUL up until after quarantine time. Around Early 2022 I noticed that the device would get stuck on the Dreamtab Characters boot screen. I have since then racked my brain trying to fix it. I have done Pam Morris's video, I have hard reset it, and I have wiped the cache partition. I only have an old Chromebook for work and don't have a Linux option, and I currently don't have access to a Windows computer. I can't afford to go to a repair shop. So how do I fix this to where it turns on and goes to the setup screen and past Dreamtab characters?

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Hello, when you say you did a "hard reset" are you saying you factory reset the tablet, or did you just force the device to turn off and then turn it on again?


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