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LG wm2016cw Front Load giving OE error code

I have an LG wm2016cw Front Load Washing machine that is giving me an 0E error code. I have cleared the filter of any debris. When I unplug the drain hose no water comes out of it. But when I open the filter housing lots of water comes out. I think I can hear the pump turning and when I reach my finger in and turn the propeller it does offer resistance. So I am thinking it is not the pump. Is no water coming out of the drain hose a clue as to why it may not be draining?

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OE error says the washer didn't drain within the time limit (I think max time is 10 minutes to drain.)

When mine did that I followed the same path as you, clearing the filter, but I still got OE intermittently.

I removed the front and found the drain hose at the bottom of the gasket was blocked. Both the nipple on the gasket and about an inch of the connected hose were clogged with a tiny chain (part of a necklace).

I wouldn't have expected a clog in the spot to prevent proper draining, but we 're not getting any more OE errors, so what can I say?

-ps The 2 metal loops that hold the door-gasket in place use a special tool to put the loops on and off. I've seen workarounds, but with the $12 tool it's dead simple, so I recommend getting one.

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