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Repair guides and support for gas and electric hot water tanks, boilers and household heat exchangers.

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Mx inspiration qi Why is my water cold?

My electric shower is only running cold water. The electrics for it seem ok. But it all started after an electric trip in our house. Is there any way to resolve it?

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Hi @anthonyashton,

Do you know what caused the electrics to trip?

Seems very coincidental that the electrics trip and then the hot water service for the shower no longer produces hot water.

A likely cause may be that the heater element in the shower hot water service may have failed (burnt out) and in the process tripped the breaker.

Does the power on/off switch for the hot water service have a light in it and does it still turn on, when the power is switched on?

Just going by the commissioning tests as shown on p.8 of the installation instructions to verify that power is reaching the hot water service.

I can't find any spare parts for the hot water service so you may have to contact the manufacturer's customer service section - see link above.

Also how old is the heater? Best that I can find out is that there's a 2 year warranty on it. If it is still within warranty, do not attempt to fix it yourself as this will void the warranty. Get it repaired by the manufacturer.

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Thanks for answering. It turns on ok, not sure what caused the trip. It’s no longer under warranty unfortunately. I spoke with 2 electricians and they both said to replace the shower 😕



Electricians should be able to check if the element was faulty so if they said that presumably it means that there's no spare parts.

You could always contact the manufacturer and ask if there are any spare parts available - you never know ;-)


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