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Repair guides and disassembly information for Pebble smartwatches.

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My pebble cosmos ultra display is break ,

Can you repair my watch

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Hey, @ayush46272. What seems to be the issue with the watch? If I could get information on the exact model and issue with it then I would have a significantly easier time diagnosing your issue.


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@ayush46272 Sorry to hear that your Pebble Smartwatch is broken! iFixit doesn’t actually fix things for people.

The site is a place for people to learn repair for themselves—the “i” in iFixit is you!

For this repair, I’d start with checking the other Pebble guides Pebble Smartwatch and check what similarities there are. I have not found a manual or instructions on how to change the LCD, so it will be a bit of a challenge.

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Depending on how old the watch is, it may be impossible to replace the display without damaging the case. The earliest Pebbles were glued together and are pretty hard to get apart non-destructively. At some point they switched to a screw-on back panel which allows service. If the back of the watch has no screws, it may not be repairable.


@chrisgreen I have family with one who cracked the screen on a Fitbit and it has charge issues. It's the glued type so I told them not to use it around water and cleaned the contacts, and bought 3rd party chargers with taller pins. Works better that way at least.

Pebbles and Fitbits are usually impossible to repair, or too expensive. They're disposable.


@nick I have repaired many Pebbles over the years, but for some things like water damage and broken screens they can't always be saved (or aren't economically worth saving). I always loved Pebbles, wore them since 2014 and still occasionally do, but like a lot of good tech they've died a slow death ever since they went bust. If I had to guess, the original poster's issue could be fixed with a replacement zebra strip, but depending on the revision of the watch it may be impossible to get apart and service.


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