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The Amazon Fire HD 8 12th generation is a 2022 tablet ideal for reading books, browsing the web, streaming videos, listening to music, and playing games.

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Blake screen will not come back on

I have a 12th gen kindle fire hd I bought from my mother I went to factory reset it with 60% power and the screen went black as I was setting up my account and will not come back on I've tried holding the power button for 40 seconds and still nothing I can hear a notification noise when I plug it in what do I need to do

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Hey, @noal95907

What I'm hearing here is you have a display issue, as the signature Fire HD startup sound was played, which shows its not a battery or data issue. I'd suggest opening it to make sure all ribbon cables and/or ZIF connectors are in proper placement, as they can come out even slightly and cause your display to stop. Good Luck.

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