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Der DeLonghi EC 155 ist eine Siebträgermaschine mit Pumpe zur Zubereitung von Espresso und Cappuccino.

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Why does my espresso machine make electric fuse off whenever I plug in

Today I tried to plug in my espresso machine but it made the electricity fuse off. I tried the same with other wall outlets, the result was same. What is the reason and what can I do?

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Hi @zigo95153

Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter)?

If not you will need one to find out why there's a short circuit in the power supply path of the coffee maker that is causing the fuse to blow as soon as you plug in the machine.

It could be a faulty power cord, faulty on/off switch or a wiring or component fault in the machine.

Here's some information that may help.

The ifixit De'Longhi EC155 guide that shows how to disassemble the coffee maker and this link that has a wiring diagram (scroll to the bottom of the page) so you can check where the problem may be.

If you don't know how to test using a DMM or to read a wiring diagram, then perhaps you need to contact a professional appliance repair service.

Note: You can use the Ohmmeter function of the DMM to safely test the circuit without having any power connected to the coffee maker.

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