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A security and intelligent doorbell that live streams 24/7 and notifies you if someone is at your door.

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Boot Loop after replacing battery

After replacing the battery and reassembly of the doorbell, my 1st Gen wired Nest Hello Doorbell is stuck in a Boot Loop. The blue light never pulses indicating ready to connect to the local network. The blue light surrounding the doorbell button lights momentarily and then the green LED at the top of the unit flashes, the blue light goes out and the process repeats endlessly. This happens both when hardwired to the transformer and when the USB port is used. Has anyone seen this behavior?

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Hi @martinr1956

Try a factory reset and check if that resolves the problem.

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My bad, I forgot to include troubleshooting steps already performed! Since the device has not booted up, the factory reset won’t work. I left the doorbell connected to the transformer overnight thinking the battery may charge up but no help. I disassembled/reassembled it to make sure connections were clean and secure, also no change. Google support had no remedy either. Looks like a brick, works like a brick, it’s a brick!!


Thanks for the suggestion jayeff! Unfortunately, no luck there.



You could try a power refresh and check

I realize this means disassembling it again but maybe worth a try.

Disconnect the power to the doorbell, and then disconnect the battery from the board. You don't have to remove the battery, just disconnect it.

Assuming that you haven't disconnected the button, press and hold the button on the doorbell for 20-30 seconds and then release it.

Reconnect the battery and then check if it turns on OK. If it does, try to reassemble it without accidentally pressing the button as this may cause it to malfunction before it is properly setup i.e. too many operations in a time frame e.g. short press, long press etc getting the front cover back on

Just what I'd try in case all else fails.


Hey jayeff, I finally got time to try your last suggestion but no dice. It was worth a try though. Thanks. I wish there was someone who had the H/W and S/W to reload the software. It’s a shame to have to scrap it.


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