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The Sony RX 90 was Sony's High end HiFi system made in 1997, its from the RX series The HiFi system by default comes with two regular speakers and 2 surround speakers, there's also two composite line in/line outs on the back It has a slot for 3 CDs, two Cassettes (can record in Slot 2, Radio functions for AM/FM, an Aux in on the back and even some karaoke functions The speakers run at 160 Watts making it pretty good

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Sony RX 90 Hifi system tape deck not working

The tape deck on my Sony RX90 hifi system is broken, well the doors are broken a bit but a cassette still sits in them and closes properly but main proble I have is that no matter what I do the cassete I put in won't play, I press the play button and it spins for a few seconds before stopping. I need help (before you ask, yes I tried cleaning the tape heads)

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Hi @julomariston

Without a cassette inserted and when Play is pressed are both the drive wheel and the take up wheel turning?

If they are then it may be a dirty capstan and/or pinch roller.

If the take up wheel is not turning or not very well it may be a stretched or broken drive belt.

Here's the service manual that may help.

It shows the disassembly procedure so that you can clean the capstan and pinch roller (use Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ and a Q-Tip) and to check the belts are OK.

If the belts are faulty and need to be replaced, the belt part numbers are on p.102. Search online for the part number(s) only to find suppliers that suit you best.

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Thank you for sending the service manual, couldn't find it anywhere online (including sonys official website) but the thing mine does with no tape inserted is it shows "no tape". But with a tape inserted, it spins for a few seconds before stopping.



Haven't checked the manual fully but some cassette decks have a switch that is operated by a tape being inserted. Maybe the deck is one of those types

I would first still check if the belts were OK in the cassette deck..


I tried doing what you suggested, I didn't trick the sensor but I put in something I call a "Phony tape" (just a gutted cassette) and it did the same thing, play for 5 seconds, try to rewind and stop. But pressing "record" on deck B seems to make it spin without issues



Is there problems with deck A or B or both?


The problem is in both. And it's the same issue in both decks


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