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Replacing the Audio Assembly

I have a customers 4th gen nano, there is no sound coming from the audio assembly, so naturally, i would replace it... but in the 4th gen nano it is soldered onto the board, i just want to know if anyone has ever successfully soldered a new one on, or fixed the old one, ie..replacing the pins inside it or whatnot. any ideas?

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I think you will need an all-new board as the soldering is most likely surface mounted; making it incredibly difficult to solder.

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i received replacement parts from china, they have the setup done, but yes i am afraid to resolder or reglue... until i hear someone has done so otherwise


this is true, soldering a headphone jack on one of these is work for robots.


my ipod got the problem too,

i am looking for the parts in china,

just wanna know did u did it eventually??


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