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The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ.

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Problem in windshield wiper

When I start the car, the windshield wipers work on their own all at once, and when the car moves and drives down the road, the wipers also work randomly on their own.

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Hi @mohammedse91958

Could be a faulty (sticking?) wiper on/off relay in the engine bay fuse block.

Try removing the R4 relay¹ (if gas engine) or R1 relay¹ (if diesel engine) and check that the wipers don't start by themselves.

With the relay removed they shouldn't operate at all.

¹ Check the fuse layout diagram in the fuse block lid (or owner manual) to check which relay is the wiper on/off relay in your vehicle.

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