After market print cartridges not recognised

I used to have no problem buying after market (non-HP) print cartridges and printing with my PSC2355 all-in-one. Now the printer responds "Remove and check [colour/black] cartridge. This is particularly a problem with the colour 344 cartridge. The black 338 cartridge doesn't seem to be a problem. I have used various after market manufacturer's cartridges, but the problem is consistent.

I have tried carefully cleaning the cartridge and printer connectors, and the ink exit.

I have tried to reset the printer. [1. turn. on, 2. disconnect power cord while on, 3. disconnect mains plug, 4. wait 15-20 seconds, 5. reconnect mains plus, 6. reconnect power cord]. The printer comes on, shows the thinking bar, then returns to it's previous state and asks for the cartridge to be checked.

I think the problem may be related to HP issuing driver/software updates that 'mandated' only original equipment (HP) manufacturer cartridges. Is there a way I can remove the updated software and return to the previous setup? This is an old printer now, but it scans and prints well (in B&W), and I don't want to replace it unnecessarily.

All ideas appreciated!

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I suspect your suspicion is well-founded, Louis Rossmann did a video on HP printers recently I found both informative and disturbing. Yes Hp not only wants you to use only their ink, but they want you to pay for it whether you use it or not and if you don't pay (monthly) even with a full tank of their ink... it won't print... welcome to the new world. Don't buy Hp; once upon a time they were great, then they got bad a trend that has accelerated exponentially. By the way, they are also making it so the scanner will also not scan without (their - currently paid-up subscription) ink. (since you need ink to scan, right? Sadly, Hp are only the tip of the iceberg. He recommended Brother who (so far at least) don't play that game


Thanks @uchetil, is there somewhere I can find the video you mentioned. You're absolutely right, if I do end up replacing it I will not be darkening HP's door. I wonder what their customer retention is like.


Since they don't make it obvious at all that you are being tricked into buying into their "instant ink" ecosytem... you don't find out until it's too late. I quit buying ANYTHING by HP when I opened a friend's Desktop back in the 80's to find godawful shortcuts and crap sold at the premium Hp price... except the CD burner they were the only one making when they were a new thing... I needed one. that's the last time I was a retained customer.


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