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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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LG Top load Washer not draining.

LG top load washer not draining. I checked all possible OE causes. I went through all the steps; I even replaced the pump.

The reason I thought it was the pump is when I checked the drain hose everything drained out nice and smooth. Nothing obstructing the drain, naturally thought the pump was bad. Seemed to be a common occurrence on these units.

That didn't fix it, tried running a light cycle with no success. Now the tub is filled with water again displaying the OE error.

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Hi @davidmarti37963

What is the model number of the washer?


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Perhaps you could try “hotwiring” the pump? Once the water is out, the washer might sene this and resume the washing cycle. This would allow you to at least wash your clothes until someone smarter can tell you the right solution. It might also help to pinpoint the problem.

My fear is that the problem is your circuit board, which may cost more than the washer is worth. Unless you can find one on ebay.

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