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3D printer by Anycubic, known for auto leveling

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My 3d printer have a problem

Hi My Friend. I changed the main board of my 3D printer, but now my printer is disabled, it turns on, but it only moves in one direction.

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Greetings EssE

What axis is the machine currently moving in. Is it the X, Y or Z axis. Is it possible you connected the wrong connectors when replacing the motherboard? In addition to this did you check to make sure the firmware is present on the new motherboard.

I am going to attach a link to the original assembly instructions. I would start with verifying that you have the correct placement on all connectors and wires from the motherboard swap. Then verify the firmware is solid. if all this fails I encourage you to open a trouble ticket with anycubic. support ticket

it is not uncommon to get a bad motherboard on occasion. I have had a couple bad boards for small desktop CNC machine as well as a couple 3d printers over the years.

Anycubic Vyper Manual

Anycubic Wiki - Motherboard Replacement

I hope this helps you along.

Kick back after you have verified connections and firmware and which axis is working, also is the screen lighting up and allowing you to change settings?



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