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Das kleinste iPhone 14 von Apple wurde am 9. September herausgebracht und verfügt über ein 6,1-Zoll-OLED-Display, ein fortschrittliches Dual-Kamerasystem mit 12 MP und eine Frontkamera mit Autofokus. Es ist der Nachfolger des iPhone 13.

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Cable between battery and cam

Hi to all,

I bought a used iPhone 14 with already replaced battery. Sometimes it is charging correct and sometimes it paused because of hot battery. But it is not hot! Not even warm. I already ordered a new battery from here (but not delivered, yet).

I opened the iPhone to have a look and I found some scratches on the cable (or thin, tiny, black board) between battery and rear cam. It is connected beside the wireless charging cable.

I think it get those scratches from getting the old battery out of the phone.

Is here a temp sensor on this cable and make this strange problem? What is the name of this cable? Can I buy a replacement here or somewhere?



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Hmm, I think it is just a thin, black metal separator. No cable, no sensors on it. Just metal separator mounted to the frame.

I hope it’s a bad replacement battery and it’s done with a new one from here. Never hat an issue with a battery from ifixit since iPhone 4s.


You are correct, that is the walls of the battery bay


It only thinks to heat up. This phone is still cold. I know how a warm iPhone feels and this one isn‘t even a littlebit warm. I will try the new battery and if the problem still exist I‘ll try the charging port. Thanks.


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It might not be the battery itself, do you know if there was any thing such as water getting into the charging dock or ANYTHING like that. Try replacing the charging dock new charging dock (I might make a guide soon). And if that fails you have a fault logic board that requires micro-soldering :(

Good job trying to fix it though and noticing that imperfection!

iPhone 14 Lightning Connector Assembly Bild


iPhone 14 Lightning Connector Assembly


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I don‘t know why battery was replaced or who did it.

Inside the iPhone it looks very clean. No hint for this problem.

Replace charging port because of battery to warm message?


Yes, there is a tempature sensor in the charging port and if the phone only heats up during charging then there is good evidence that it might be because of that


Today the new battery arrived. I could charge it from 70% (it came with 70%) to 100% with an old apple 10w charger (usb-a to lightning) in 1 hour without any temp warnings. I hope the problem is fixed with the new battery. We will see.

I know, why I only replace iphone batteries by myself and only with ifixit batteries! Thanks for good quality since years.


@paettes increadible to hear, es ist sehr gut du kannst reparieren ein Handy und est ist nicht heiß (sorry for my terrible german I'm only in my second year of learning)


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