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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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All FM stations badly distorted, garbled. Problem?

All FM pre-sets and all FM frequencies badly distorted and garbled. AM and AUX inputs are clear. Is this a common problem? Can the radio be repaired?

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Hi @jamesgoff

Has the FM in the radio worked OK before with the radio in the same location?

Is the power cord fully extended and not coiled etc? Just asking as the radio's FM antenna is in the power cord.

Perhaps try connecting a 75 Ohm external FM antenna (examples only) to the coax RF input connector on the back of the radio and check if the FM is now OK.

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