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The 2-in-1 Samsung Chromebook Plus has a 360-degree rotating screen and built-in S pen.

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Stuck on err_internet_disconnected white screen

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hello. My Chromebook is stuck on this screen. I cannot raise any toolbars or even try to connect to the internet. Our router and connection is fine on all our other computers and devices. Any help would be great. I've restarted the device and it keeps going straight to this screen immediately.

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Hi Eric,

To confirm, you can use your computer, but your internet is non-functional on it?

If this is the case, I would advise you to reset your home wifi first, and then take off the bottom cover of your laptop (once powered down for safety) and then inspect the wifi-card/chip for any damage.

If you are not comfortable doing the second step, then consider contacting a repair service nearby.

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