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Samsung hat die Galaxy S23-Serie beim "Unpacked"-Event am 01.02.2023 veröffentlicht. Das neue Galaxy Book3 und die Galaxy Book3 Pro Laptop-Serie wurden auch veröffentlicht.

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My S23 ultra broke but still work

Had a terrible accident and my samsung s23 ultra secreen cracked from a side and have branches

The secreen is working and it function well

And I'm afraid it if it will get worser

Can I have it un replaced for a period of time and just put a secreen protection on?

Cuz can't afford it now

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In most cases whatever initial damage you see from the accident is the extent of the problem. In some cases either the display or the touch screen will get worse over time, but chances are good your screen will continue to work fine until you can get it replaced.

Yes, you definitely want to put a screen protector on it, although one of those cases that fully encloses the phone might be a little bit better as it will fully insulate the damaged screen from any kind of contact. Either way that should keep your phone in one piece until you get the screen replaced.

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