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Acura ilx 2016 won't start sometime

I have acura ilx 2016 , sometimes won't start I checked that crank noise come from engine when I start everything on but engine won't start ,but sometimes it's start on first time , can anyone tell what is the problem, I have checked it's not a battery problem??

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The first thing to check, as you said, is the battery. Battery testers are cheap, so it's probably better to buy a tester and do it yourself (or plan to buy one in the future). Get a battery tester like this to do the battery and alternator. Most mid-level scanners can also do it, but check the specs to be sure it doesn't go off what the ECU expects, especially with a better CCA battery than your car uses stock. When in doubt, use a dedicated battery tester.
NOTE: Stick to known brands like Innova/Autel (or an obvious rebrand). Some common ones I know are decent are Blcktec (Innova) or the HF ones (usually Innova; the ICON scanner is Launch). Yes, Chinese scanners are cheap, but they're so bad I lost the spare Motopower, and I'm not bothering to try and find it because it can't clear the DCT codes for crap at times. It will follow the used one when I find it: The trash.
I use a Launch CRP129X and CRP123X and Innova scanners (6030p/6100p)
NOTE: THE MAIN DIFFERENCE WITH THE 129X IS SOME ADDED DIESEL RESETS, INJECTOR CODING, AND FCA AUTOAUTH SUPPORT; other than this, they're the same thing. Both of them support the infamous BMW battery reset procedure. I have it to TS the advanced systems and do things like keyfob programming when available. It's not a requirement, but it's nice to have so you can do things like keys yourself.

If the battery isn't good or borderline and it remains after being on an external charger, I'd start there. If the issue remains, I'd look at the alternator next and either use the scanner you used for the battery if it does both or get an alternator tester. If the alternator and battery pass, find the starter and hit it with a wrench or heavy object like a rubber mallet; if it starts, the starter is bad.

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