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My dremel model 260 has a broken component.

I just got an old dremel 260 series 53. The brushes were stuck . But on further inspection (dismantling) it appears that one of the wires was broken off the brush pad but more importantly a wire was hanging loose. It appears that it should be connected to a rectifier model kbp01. If anyone knows how i can get a replacement I would apprecite. Thanks

Block Image

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Two answers; buy a used one at low cost or try repairing this one. Search Digikey or other electronic parts distributors using the markings and logo to identify who makes the rectifier. Ac, white and black wires, DC can be any color to the motor. Ebay may be another source of Dremel parts.

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@steveklein you are correct. That is a GE KBP01 series bridge rectifier. Use this data sheet 3n246 to get the electrical characteristics. The values will be for the 01M. It is not a M series because of the way the wires connect on your original rectifier. We can't see on your image on how those connect.

Of course, this rectifier is obsolete but you can use a 3N247 since that has the same characteristics.

Now for the case (the physical shape), I have not looked in depth for this but I would have no issues with buying it in a KBPM (which is a common Through-the-Hole package) and then just soldering the wires to the legs. Something like this Apply some heat shrink tubing after and done :-)

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