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Released in 2014, the Samsung WB350F has a 21x zoom and impressive wifi capabilities.

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Why am I unable to connect to my iPhone with WiFi?

Why am I unable to connect to my iPhone with WiFi?

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You selected a Samsung camera! Can you tell us your exact iPhone model so we can help you.

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I am attempting to transfer images from my Samsung camera to my iPhone 13.


@heidi85930 are you able to connect your camera to your iPhone via a USB hub wired? Just so you know you can achieve connection.

If you can do that then it’s just a matter of setting up a peer network between the camera and your phone. First setup your iPhone’s WiFi with a peer connection I do strongly recommend you password the peer access otherwise any one could access your iPhone. Then from within the camera search for the peer network and join it.

The reason I’m aiming you with the two steps is I’m not sure the pictures file type is compatible.


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