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The dodge dart was a compact sedan made by Dodge/Mopar/Chrysler group during the Stellantis merge with Fiat. Offered from 2012 to 2016

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Dodge dart 2.4 l overheating?

Hello guys.

I have a 2015 dodge dart 2.4L multiair i think i have a problem with my cooling system the car temperature reaches 110° then the radiator fans begins to kick in to bring the temperature down to 100° or sometimes 97° and shuts down again

The car comes equipped with AGS (active grill shutter). I have change the coolant and the thermostat and i made sure to properly burp the radiator and there is no air in the system. I dont know if my water pump is the problem that's it.

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@markanders85738 if your electric fan functions properly and if the temp switch turns it on as it is supposed to (it does sound like it based on your statement) then yes, this could very well be a problem with the waterpump.

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