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The slim edition of the classic Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD and built-in Wi-Fi. Repair requires intricate prying and special tools.

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Fixes for Error Code e68

Good Day, Tried some solutions listed under a different post but that was abandoned and the fixes did not work.

The fix that DID NOT work for me was unplugging the console's AV/HDMI cord, starting the console, waiting 15 seconds, then plugging in that cord. Please let me know this this works for you.

Please list any other fixes you find and I will try to update this as I find solutions that work

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Hi Tom,

From what I gathered online, this error code relates to a hardware fault in the XBOX.

I would advise you to check this out and try the various fixes below, if you've tried these or if one worked, kindly let me know:



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Hey ArandomHitman, Thanks for the reply.

Uninstalling the hard drive got the system to boot, which I think isolates the problem to the hard drive. Only issue now is finding a suitable replacement and trying to scour the old, dying/dead hard drive for game saves and other data... I need to head to a store to try to find a way to get this drive connected to a computer, then well see the damage. Will Update.


Great, glad you got a solution. Feel free to let me know if it all works out.


@arandomhitman As I told the other Tom; Hooked up the HDD, Heard is spin up, opened up FATXplorer (another forums suggestion) and no joy. Searching for a replacement

What is curious is that it's appearing in Disk Managament as "Unknown" and is prompting to initalize, im assuming the security isnt allowing me to view the goodies inside.


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All you tried are totally irrelevant. E68 is HDD/southbridge related.

Try removing the HDD then boot first.

Your console will not recognize generic hard drives for its internal drive slot, only ones specifically programmed for it will work.

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I removed the HDD and she booted up.

Hooked up the HDD to my computer and used this program i found while searching other forums called "FATXplorer" but no avail. Safe to say the HDD is dead.

Any idea on where to replace this HDD in the modern day?


@apollofixes Find one of those original 360 drives on sale, or those WD drives modified 360 drives.


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