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The Samsung RF28JBEDB is a 28 cu. ft. stainless steel French Door refrigerator with a FlexZone drawer, Twin Cooling Plus system, and LED lighting. Its dimensions are 35 3/4 in W x 70 in H x 36 5/8 in D, and it includes an external digital control panel, spill-proof shelves, and a door alarm.

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Ice Maker Doesn't Stop When Bin is Full

I've had the ice buildup issue in the past and had the whole thing replaced (including the PCB). Since then no more buildup, but at some point after the repair, the ice maker stopped stopping when the bin is full. It will just run until there is basically a block of ice from the tray to the bin. I've never left it running to see how bad it will get, but I'm basically forced to run it for a short period and then turn it off or I will have to start breaking out ice to clear a path for it to drop. I've recently replaced the auger motor which has the sensor eye on it (at least that is what I assume it is for), but that didn't help either. I haven't replaced the bin yet, but now sure how that could make a difference. One thing I did notice when looking at the PCB, there is a 4 wire plug at the top that isn't connected to anything. I never looked at this prior to the replacement, so I'm not sure if this is by design.

Block Image

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It could be misalignment with the sensor causing it to think that things aren't full even though it is.

Do you have the full model number for your appliance? If I recall correctly the part name would be Ice Bucket Assembly.

FWIW I uploaded the service manual to the device page for RF28JBEDB just in case it helps.

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Sorry, I totally forgot to include the full model number. It is RF28JBEDBSG/AA. Is there anyway to test the sensor works before buying a new ice bin?


Thanks! I called my friend who does these repairs regularly to get some guidance.

He said he thinks it is probably a defective sensor on the auger motor. Sometimes customers return defective motors in the box and retailers don't always inspect them before restocking. You can test if the sensor is working by holding the door switch closed using a magnet or a reed switch (buy from Amazon), then turn your phone camera on and point it at the optical sensor. If you see a light reflected back the sensor is working. To run the test you'll need the right door closed, left open. Once the unit thinks both the doors are closed then you can run the test.

If the sensor is the problem you can replace just that component using P/N DA96-00682D however it can be difficult to rewire correctly so you may end up wanting to replace the auger motor again.

DA96-00682D - Samsung Refrigerator Wire Harness


The other possible problem is your ice maker is defective and sending a bad signal, or the PCB is at fault and needs to be replaced. But in his experience, he said that the sensor is the usual culprit.

Also, in regards to the open wire on the board, this is by design and used for testing purposes so nothing to worry about there.


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