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The Acer Chromebook 14 is a Chromebook with a 14" display, released from Acer in 2016. Model Number: CB3-431.

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It keeps turning off and on by itself.

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Hello, for some reasons my acer chromebook keeps turning off and on, thought it was the battery, plugged in the charger it still did the same thing.

I went on youtube, saw a video with similar problem, his solutions were:

Tightening the screws.

Did that worked for some weeks then it started again.

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@maxwellimoh tighten what screws :-) ?


@oldturkey03 All and any screw you see in and out of the chromebook.


@maxwellimoh that sounds like an interesting fix ;-) Tell us how it "keeps turning off and on" exactly. What does it do? What does your Power LED show?


@oldturkey03 Whenever I turn it on, sometimes before I type in my password or even begin anything it turns off.

After it turns off, if I close the lead, few seconds or minutes later it turns back on, then later it turns back off.

My Power Led: At first I thought it was the battery but when I plugged in my charger it was charging normal.

But if I turn it ON even with the charger plugged in, it does the same it.

N.B this occured for complete two weeks untill I decided to disconnect the battery.


I powerwashed my chromebook more than two times because of the issue.


@maxwellimoh for now I am not quite convinced that this is a power off situation. Start it up and try to run it through the startup. Once it turns off, darken the room and get a flashlight. Now shine the flashlight at an angle against the screen. See if you can still make out the desktop etc.


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@oldturkey03 My solution is this:

I learnt that if I switch to guest mode it doesn't tun OFF or turn ON by it self, in fact it becomes more stable than a windows computer. I tried to find out how to make my own account same.

I learnt that Guest mode has only two apps which are Google Chrome and File manager.

And I realized that whenever I power wash my Chromebook, it automatically re-installs the previous apps making the issue to repeat it selves.

Since Guest mode has only two apps I had to start reducing the amount of apps I have by uninstalling some and living the most important ones.

I left only 3 important apps.

N.B I was also using my Chromebook to answer this question.

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Seems like a power button issue that is being pressed at random. It is probably the chassis (did you ever drop it) pushing up against it, by tightening the screws it probably helped a bit by relieving the pressure on the power button. Can you check to see how the power button is (and if its damaged at all).

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No, I didn't drop it anywhere and my power button is okay. I have solved it, I want drop the answer now.


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