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Dremel 4000 Speed control replacement

Hi, I used my 220V Dremel 4000 in the US with any problems for years using a power voltage converter (110V to 220V). A few days ago the speed Dremel started being “weird” I mean it wasn’t consistent with the selected speed. Then a small pop and stopped working. I think the problem is the speed control but here in the US I can only find the 110V version of the speed control. If I use it as replacement will the tool work? Should I attach it to the 110V outlet then?


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@scanna70 would you have link to this speed controller? Let's see what it does and how it does it.


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@scanna70 that would not work. It's a 110V and your Dremel won't run on 110V. Can you post a couple of pictures of your controller? I wonder if we can fix that one. My concern is that if you use a 110V motor controller it may just fail on 220V. I would dislike for you to have USD$30 go up in smoke.

Update (04/29/24)

The Dremel part number for the 220V speed controller is 2610003445

Update (04/29/24)

Just did a quick search for replacements and it is available at places like this or even on here but definitely not cheap :(

Update (04/30/24)

@scanna70 you could give that a try. It will not harm it and may just be a bit slower and it might just work. Replace the controller with a 110v controller then run the Dremel on 110v can work

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Thanks again for helping me.

The part 2610003445 is the one needed for my Dremel but pretty expensive. Probably is better to buy a new tool.

Last question if I replace the not working part 2610003445 with the 2610004636 and use the tool plugging it to a 110V outlet (I live in the US) will it work or the motor part is different from the 220V and the 110V one?



Sorry if I ask again probably you already answered my last question…..

Thanks again


@scanna70 sorry took me a while to understand where you were going with that, now I understand. Sometimes I am a bit slow :-)


Thank you very much for your help! I’ll give it a try.


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