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The DJI Mini 2 is a small drone that was made in 2020 by DJI. The DJI Mini 2 has 4K/30fps video and 10km 720p/30fps video transmission.

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incompatible gimbal data error

powers on connects to drone, camera rotates left,right, up and down can view through camera. gimbal does not respond to wheel on controler. has incompatible gimbal data on display. will not take off. is i a board problem or a cable

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Let's do a little logical thinking here.

If the gimbal does its power on movement then the gimbal and cable to it from its controller in the AC are functional.

If you can view the camera, then the camera system and communication from the AC is functional.

The AC sees the gimbal and is getting data but does not like what it sees, so you are getting an "incompatible gimbal data" message.

Therefore, any commands to it from your Controller are ignored (or maybe the Controller isn't even sending the commands because of the error).

If that message appeared after your "minor" crash, then I would first suspect a dislodged cable in the AC.

But after that, a damaged PCB is a possibility.

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You will need to replace the gimbal. The best website to buy parts from is: djioemparts.com.

You can buy a new gimbal here for $80 USD https://djioemparts.com/collections/dji-...

Best of luck, BetaTech Labs Repair AU

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the gimbal responds to startup/power on and does up down left right chk ok and i can view through camera, does not respond to up/down knob on controler so would that be gimbal or motherboard


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Hi, Have you done any repairs recently? have you crashed recently?

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very minor fall from about 8' into grass


Yeah, it looks like you messed up your gimbal


posting new answer...


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