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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Need the Temp Sensor Cable

I am having a hard time finding the correct part number for the LCD temp sensor on the early 2009 Imac 20".

I keep finding the Ambient Sensor but it looks too short, which makes me think that is the cable that is attached to the left fan.

I need the long sensor that routes to the top of the LCD display. If you have this computer can you open it up and read me the Apple Part number?

It is the cable that plugs into the 3pin LCD TEMP location on the Logic Board. The cable looks to be a 2 wire sensor.


Trying to get the fans to stop max speed I cut the connector of the previous A1224 20" Imac model and plugged it in, however it is a four pin version. How would I figure out which two wires would get the sensor to work or would it even work at all?

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Have you found this part yet? I'm on the same quest...

If you did, or if you know the part # please email me at




I was able to find a supplier that can take the cable off of the monitor. The monitor comes with the temp cable attached. Go to this site and email them about your situation. I think they charged around $30 for the part.



2 years ago, but maybe you still read this. I have now maybe the same problem. exchanged HDD for SSD and reused HDD temp sensor so i got good temp values for hard drive, optical dirve and CPU but still i got this high rpm fan problem. So i assume now that i somehow broke that LCD temp Sensor beacause i see no LCD temp value in my istat tool. SHOULD THERE BE ONE? This would be a clear indication that my LDC Temp sensor is broken in some place.

hope you can tell me if that replacement of your sensor fixed all your problems and maybe tell me what was and caused your problem in the first place.

thanks a lot


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The correct cable is Apple part # 922-8831. There are lots found with a Google search.

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Sorry Mayer that is wrong.

Apple 922-8831 Cable, Temp Sensor, Hard Drive,

I need the LCD temp sensor. the HDD sensor plugs into the top area of the logic board. The LCD temp sensor plugs next to the left fan in the imac.

I have searched up and down on google and have found the mid 2007 and early 2008 A1224 imac cable (Apple 922-8235).

If you look at 661-4983 you will see it hanging off of the picture. THAT IS WHAT I NEED!!!! However, it does not seem to exist for the early 2009 model!


Here's the blow up of parts that I found: http://www.welovemacs.com/imacmb417lla.h...

I see in the guide where it gets disconnected from the logic board but does it disconnect from the LCD?


That 922-8826 looks to be the cable that would be in that area, but the label on the logic board is LCD TEMP.

Ambient temp does not seem to match that... Also, the image the connector looks to be a flat push in not a square push down into the hole version. (don't know the technical terms for the different connector types).

I went ahead and ordered one since I know that I do not have that part anywhere in there.


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Eric, sorry cant post images in comments. Just following this question and wondered if this is where your cable connects. that would be the 922-8826...again I know this is not an answer but a comment.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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That is an excellent graphic and shows the LCD TEMP spot. That is the missing cable! the ambient cable is NOT the one I am looking for.


Sorry, that is a two pin flat connection. The LCD spot is a 3-pin square connection.

It looks like they may have used the same LCD temp cable on the Mid 2009 20" Imac. http://support.apple.com/kb/SP616

However, welovemacs.com does not have a parts list for it. On their parts page, it does not exist!

Did I find the black sheep of the Apple lineup?

All i need is a STUPID LCD TEMP CABLE!!!


Erik, just double checked the manual and it does appear that the LCD temp cable is actually a part of the LCD Apple Part #: 661-4983 See attached images


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