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Model A1320 / 8 GB oder 16 GB Speicherplatz

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click wheel unresponsive: can I replace with 4th gen wheel?

I have a dead nano 4th and an unresponsive click wheel on a 5th.

Resets doesn't work (as no clicks at all).

Q1) Do 4th and 5th have compatible click wheels? Can I try to replace?

Q2) Any 'tricks' I should try before attempting to replace? (heard about a 'credit card' trick?


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albidani gaibazzi , no, it does not fit. The click wheel of the 4th is larger than the 5th and not as far recessed. Try to turn the hold switch off and on a couple of times. If that does not make a difference, you will have to replace it with the right click wheel. iPod Nano 5. Generation Click Wheel tauschen Hope this helps, good luck.

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