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Why is my neutral light is flashing while in drive?

2003 Mitsubishi eclipse

My neutral light is flashing while in drive an it will lose power an I am pressing on the accelerator makes engine high an it will eventually go sometimes is it in my transmission?

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Hi @shawnmcneil

Check the rate at which the Neutral light flashes.

If it flashes once per second, it could be problems with either the transmission input shaft speed sensor, the output shaft speed sensor, the solenoid valve, the automatic transmission control relay system or the gear ratio is incorrect.

To know which one it is get the OBDII port scanned for any trouble codes and see if any are related to the transmission. The trouble code (DTC code) will tell you what the problem is.

If it flashes 2 times per second, the transmission fluid temperature is too high. Stop the vehicle and wait till the Neutral light turns off. Check the level of the transmission fluid to make sure that it is OK.

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