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The Rowenta Focus Iron is a German made steam iron manufactured by Rowenta. Rowenta has been making irons since 1909. It has a high-precision tip, smart control settings, and soleplate technology. This particular model is the DW5080.

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Iron heats up briefly then quits

Why does my iron start to heat up initially when plugged in and then starts to cool down but power light remains on and blinking?

It’s not the power cord because there is still power to the iron since the light is blinking.

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The power light is in parallel with the heating coils. The heating coils are in series with a thermostatic switch (the temp control) and a high temp cutout. So, it is either the switch, cutout, or coil in that order. All that requires disassembly to locate the cause and fix it. However, like hair dryers, the only thing that might be replaceable is the switch. The other parts are welded in place because of the heat generated.

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