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Replace LCD Screen without Soldering?

Is there a way to replace the LCD scree without desoldering and resoldering the piece? I just purchased a new LCD screen and it does not have the PCB attached, so I was wondering if it needs to be disassembled in such fashion? Thanks.

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Scott, I just checked a couple of other sites and it does look like this is the only way.

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On this site, someone commented saying that they successfully were able to just replace the LCD screen. @oldturkey03, can you look @ these instructions and tell me if this seems plausible? http://www.crackedlcdrepair.com/samsung-...


Scott, I just checked the comments and I see what this person is talking about. It "may" have worked for this person, because of the missing PCB, but the prying and cutting with a thin flex blade, sounds like a mishap waiting to happen. This may damage anyone of the flex cables as well as the PCB. I'd go with the few minutes of soldering....:-)


Well now my only other question is in regards to the desoldering of the cable, what does that actually disconnect? To my understanding, it disconnects the sliding part of the phone from the PCB. But that does not help you with removing the screen. The screen is still glued to the other side of the PCB, which I will still need to remove since my new screen does not have it attached. So does that mean I am still doing the thin flex blade method regardless?


It connects the LCD PCB to the logic board via flex cable. Yes you are right, that is why it is more difficult to just replace the LCD vs. the assembly, and more room for failure since your still have the pry it, the LCD of the LCD PCB. Whenever I can, I try to replace the Touchscreen/LCD as an assembly.


So since I only bought the lcd screen, I still need to pry off the pcb board. So I should be able to so this without desoldering. And what do you mean by an assembly? I've never seen the lcd and the pcb as an assembly, only ever the digitizer and the lcd for other phones.


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