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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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What optical replacement drives is possible to fit into the Cube?

I've just bought myself a slightly used Cube, and the biggest problem is that the optical drive accepts discs, and reads them as well, but it won't dismount the discs.

AKA disc is stucked in the optical drive.

I have been looking for a replacement drive, but feels a little uncertain witch model that will fit right on.

Please feel free to recommend any drive that sales as of today, or perhaps is still on stock at iFixit.

Thanks / Jonas

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I personally would buy an external DVD drive with firewire capability. This will allow you to boot from the drive and you could carry the drive with you to other computers. A USB drive would be less expensive but also much reduced in utility. Link to one possibility provided.


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I agree with rj713 on the external DVD drive, but if you must have an internal, it's Apple part # 661-2342. Compatible with G4 Cube Slot loading and iMac G3 350Mhz and above (not including the Flat Panel iMac) This drive will not display DVD's unless your iMac had that capability before.

You require CD/DVD Adapter Board with this drive, check Part No. 922-4027

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At boot hold the mouse down, should eject the disk. Disks that are open can't be dismounted... close all files/applications before attempting to eject a disk. If you read the model # on the optical drive you can look for working or compatible drives. A EIDE (ATA-3) bus connector is required, and to burn might have to look for a software patch, depending on your OS .

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About 10 years ago I had a customer drop off a Cube with a CD stuck inside that wouldn’t eject, the self-adhesive label had lifted an edge and stuck to something in the drive. Before starting the labor intensive removal of the drive from the internal frame I tried an old technique I found that worked on PowerBooks with similar drives. If you take a Post-It note and gently insert it into the drive and then rub it down on the CD with a spudger or tongue depressor you can provide additional force when the drive is asked to eject the CD. In this case the CD and label were still able to be removed intact without performing a complete disassembly of the drive.

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