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Released in 2004, the Logitech MX510 is an optical gaming mouse. It has a USB cable for connecting to your computer and uses an MX optical sensor on the bottom for tracking movement.

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Logitech MX510 mouse right button works sporadically

The right button on my Logitech MX510 mouse has stopped working reliably. Sometimes it works with normal pressure, sometimes only with a lot of pressure, and sometimes not at all. Occasionally it will "ghost click" with no pressure at all. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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You might try a brief spray of contact cleaner on the switch. I would first test where it wouldn't show to make sure the cleaner won't damage the finish. Ralph

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You might need to replace the micro switch. The micro switch can be remplaced by Omron D2F-T.

Block Image

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I replaced mine with Omron D2F-T and got a worse clicking experience since the Omron D2F-T is much harder to press than the original micro switch. The original micro switch is called D2FC-F-7N, I'd recommend getting that, I'm changing it also to mine.


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How old is it?

Try spraying some compressed air between the buttons.

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Probably a dodgy connection in there somewhere. Take it apart and look around...

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Hi, I had the same problem with another Logitech mouse. I took apart and I realised, that the button died. I took apart a 10 years old mouse. It contained exactly the same button. I used the dissipative solder sucker and disoldered the buttons out ( I recommand to use midle or right button, because they are not use so often, so you can expect they are in better condition). Be careful! If you don't have any experience with soldering/desoldering, practise with any unuseful parts. If is your new button out, try to measure if is working properly. If so, you can solder it in. Your mouse should be ready to work.

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