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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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blank screen and shuts down after 10 seconds

iMac G5 17 Model A1058

when pressing power button on g5 imac it makes startup noise but the screen does not do anyting and then it shuts itself down after about 10 seconds

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Open it up by removing the back. There are four diagnostic lights on the logic board. Let us know what they are telling you. Also inspect the 24 "cans" capacitors for swelling and/or corrosion.

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the capacitors by the processor have corrosion on the top...i picked this unit up knowing it was broken but am really hoping i can fix it for my little brother who loves apples (as do I). I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I'm hoping I can fix what happens to be wrong. I saw on another site ppl soildering new capacitors, is that a common problem for a unit this old? Thank for all you help.


I'd also like to edit my original post, after opening up the unit and starting it from there I notice bootup sound, and HD cranks...still no screen....lights 1 and 2 stay a constant green. Before I thoguht it cut itself back off but after leaving it to see if the lights change i notice all the fans speed up to a highspeed. Hope this helps.


Here's the most knowledgeable guy I know of on the capacitor problem: http://jimwarholic.com/category/imac_g5


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I have the same problem: the boot up sound and the fans and HDD working but no picture on the screen. My leds 1, 2 and 3 are green and 4 is off.

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